Investigation on the magnetic field in a solenoid with different voltages

Project Title:
Investigation on the magnetic field in a solenoid with different voltages

Type of Project:
Measure a function or relationship

Magnetic Field is important in our planet as it enables us to have all these technology for mostly medical. However, without magnetic field, we would not be alive. The magnetic field protects us from a number of things, including space rocks and charged particles of solar winds. So, without the magnetic field we could be vulnerable to the sun’s emissions other celestial events. Some scientists have said that the solar winds could puncture holes into the ozone layer, increasing the amount of cosmic radiation on Earth. This could prove dangerous for our health. Plus, a depleting atmosphere could cause extreme weather events and climate changes.In other words, losing the magnetic field could be very bad (Daily Deal Bar, 2015). Hence, we are investigating magnetic field in a solenoid with different voltages to figure out how does the voltage change the magnetic field. To find the answer, we have to do the experiment. We will pass electricity through the solenoid which will convert electricity to magnetic field. We will measure magnetic field using data logger with magnetic field sensor at different distance. From this, we think that the more voltage in the solenoid, the more magnetic field it produces and the middle of the solenoid has the most magnetic field. By doing this experiment, we will understand that it is beneficial to us as in medical, we need magnetic field to scan our human body for any diseases and we need magnetic field for security to scan for metal. One example is NMR.

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