5. Conclusion

5. Conclusion

Summary of Findings

When we pass electricity through a solenoid, it will produce magnetic field and the strength of the magnetic field can be change by changing the voltages passed through the solenoid. The place to have the highest strength of magnetic field is the middle of the solenoid as there is nothing to absorb the magnetic field unlike the outside where there are materials that can absorb magnetic field. From other people’s experiment, our answer is similar to theirs and this shows that our answers is accurate.

Practical Applications

There are practical applications and it helps in our daily lives and without these, we will not be able to have these technology.Mostly they are used for medical such as NMR and CT-scan.

Areas for further studies

We can further study by studying on electromagnetic levitation on how does magnetic field levitates metal rings.We would need a different solenoid as our original solenoid cannot support the amout of voltage we need.

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